VOL 6th Issue 2th , Sep 2017

Coping Skills – A Challenge before Adolescents

Author: Dr. Mabel Pimenta

During the 21st century globally life is undergoing significant transition and change. Among the most affected are the adolescents. Core life skills play an essential part of adolescents which are the future of our country. Rapidly changing social, moral, ethical and religious values have ushered in certain 'life styles' in the present society especially among the youth. The stress faced by the adolescent in such a current situation is enormous. This is reflected by raising suicide rates and growing crime among young persons. There is an urgent need to provide today's youth with a new set of ways and systems to deal with the demands of life. Since the 'individual' rather than the 'system' is recognized as the basic unit of the society, it is essential that the youth be helped to develop skills inherently to handle a wide variety of choices, changes and stressors.

आगरी लोकगीतातील स्त्रीमानस

Author:डॉ. समृद्धी म्हात्रे-मोरे