1 MANGO MEN(आमआदमी) : An E-Commerce Initiative For Mango Distribution

Author: Mr. Chetan Prabhakar Khandekar

Mango, the essence of konkan is considered as the Royal fruit across the world. It is rightly said that if a person has not tasted mango in his lifetime then his life on this earth is waste. At least this is factual in Maharashtra.

2 A Comparative Study of the Attitude of Government and Private Teacher Educators towards Teaching Profession in Nagaland

Author:K.Runi Nakro & Dr. Imtisungba

This study aims at assessing the attitude of teacher educators towards the teaching profession. The sample for the study covered the whole universe of teacher educators at the elementary and secondary level. The ASTTP developed by Umme Kulsum has been used for collection of the data. The data was collected from 162 teacher educators from both elementary and secondary teacher education institutions in Nagaland. The mean, standard deviation and t-value was performed using SPSS to bring out the statistical significance of the findings. The study found significant difference in socio-psychological dimension but no significant differences were found on other dimensions of attitude between the attitude of Government and Private teacher educators towards teaching profession.

3Comparative Study of Verbal, Numerical and Reasoning Aptitude among Engineering students

Author:Richa Mandovra & Dr Saroj Kothari

The present study aims to compare the verbal, numerical and reasoning aptitude between students of mechanical engineering and information technology branches. These three aptitudes are usually used to determine the eligibility of any engineering student for job in a company or further studies, i.e. any career. Hence, this comparison can help us understand if there is any difference between the students of these two streams w.r.t. these areas of aptitude, and magnitude of the difference, if any. It will also give a clearer picture of the overall aptitude of engineering students so that appropriate trainings and guidance can be provided to them.

4Importance of Education in Development of Personality

Author:Dr. Zaffar Ahmad Nadaf

Personality Development how often do we hear this term, from our mentors and our teachers, in schools and learning centres? The abundance of the usage of this term signals towards its importance in today's life. So what do you mean by personality development and why teachers should know about it? Is it not something about how one looks, or how one speaks. It is also not about how easily you can connect with people, no personality development is none of these. It is all of it, yes it every aspect of the personality that is to be developed. In order to survive in today's world one needs to be smart and quick-witted all the time and that is why, teachers who are educating the younger generation, should be aware of how personality of a child is to be developed.The paper is qualitative in nature and the Researchers have made an extensive study of the related articles, journals and books only to investigate the role of education in developing the personality of an individual.



The aim of the study is to know the anxiety level of secondary & higher secondary students in ahmedabad city. The sample consisted of 120 secondary & higher secondary students in ahmedabad city. Out of which 60 were secondary level students and 60 were higher secondary level students. For this purpose of investigation “Anxiety Scale” by A.K.P. Sinha & L.N.K. Sinha was used. The obtained data was analyzed through't' test to know the mean difference between secondary & higher secondary students. The results show that there is a significant difference in anxiety level of secondary & higher secondary students.



The purpose of the present study is to know the Work Motivation of Male and Female Doctors in Ahmedabad district. The sample consisted of 120 Male and Female Doctors in Ahmedabad district. Out of which 60 were Male Doctors and 60 were Female Doctors. For this purpose of investigation “Employees Motivation Schedule” by Dr. A.K. Srivastava was used. The reliability of this scale is 0.83 and Validity is 0.75. The obtained data was analyzed through't' test to know the mean difference between Male and Female Doctors. The results show that there is a significant mean difference in Personal growth of Male and Female Doctors, there is no significant difference in Achievement of Male and Female Doctors and there is a significant mean difference in Self-control of Male and Female Doctors.

8 व्यावसायिक व बिगर व्यावसायिक विद्यार्थ्याच्या शैक्षणिक आकांक्षेचा तुलनात्मक आभ्यास

Author:जयश्री कृष्णकुमार जथे (वडस्कर) आणि डॉ. रेणू बायस्कर (सदार)

9 Effectiveness of CBSP – A thematic analysis

Author:Ms. Surabhi Negi & Dr. Ms. Sunita Magre

Sensitization programs are by far the most effective and non-confrontationist approach of reforming the society. They are used to establish some standard or desired behaviour. In efforts to prevent cyber bullying developing awareness is necessary. This study documented the experiences of participants who had participated in the Cyber bullying Sensitization Program (CBSP) to understand the factors that might have led towards the effectiveness of the program. Data was gathered through focus groups, which involved sessions with adolescent students between 14 to 15 years old. The transcripts from the focus group were coded thematically. Results showed that the participants considered the CBSP effective. Factors like practicability; content, affective aspects of the program that led to its effectiveness were discussed

10 Blended Learning: A step into 21 century Education

Author:Mr. Jigneshkumar Mahendrasinh Gohil

Given the importance of the use of modern technology to the different sectors of the state, such as to the acquisition of information, enhancement of achievement, improvement of skills, low cost and overcoming obstacles, both the state and organizations alike have a duty to cope with the current technological advancements in order to respond to the needs of their relevant societies. In other words, given the human resources and expertise available to them, the duties of these institutions should extend beyond educating individuals to include the development of the society as a whole to reach international standards. Bearing in mind the current age of globalization, modern technology is becoming increasingly important to improve the education systems of any nation.

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