VOL 5th Issue 4th , March 2017

Exploring Goal Orientation as a Determiner of Critical Thinking Disposition

Author: Ms. Ruchi Mittal & Dr. Ashwini Karwande

Life is about making choices – personal, professional, political, religious and many more. Our choices determine who we become in our adult lives and how successful we can call our lives. While it may seem to be a simple exercise, the actual cognitive processes involved in making a choice are complex. It starts with the basic process of thinking. Many terms are associated with the concept of thinking; but when it comes to decision making, what matters the most is critical thinking. Critical thinking, in its simplest form, is about digging deeper and questioning what is offered on the surface. One of the most prominent goals of any education is to teach learners to think critically. Critical thinking is accepted to have two dimensions – skill as well as disposition. This paper explores the disposition dimension of critical thinking and attempts to identify Goal Orientation - in terms of Academic Goal Orientation and Social Goal Orientation as one of the determiners of Critical Thinking Disposition. It includes the findings of a study to establish relationships between the said variables.

स्व - नियमन अध्ययनकार्यनीतीचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास

Author:सौ. सीमा नरेश परटोल व डॉ. सोबील थॉमस

गर्दीत हरवलेली माणुसकी..........

Author:डॉ. अलका मोहन कदम

आश्चर्य वाटल ना विषय वाचून ! या विषयावर काही लिहिणे म्हणजे फार मोठी शोकांतिका होय. आपण मानवच आहोत ना ? हा प्रश्न मला तर नेहमी पडतो. मला तर हा प्रश्न सतत पडत आहे. पण तुम्हाला पडतो का हा प्रश्न कधी तरी ?

Factors contributing to the Process of Empowerment of Professional Women

Author:Mrs. Malavika Ahlawat

This paper attempts to study the factors contributing to the process of empowerment of professional women. In India, till last two decades, women were victims of widespread illiteracy, female infanticide, early marriages, violence and denial of individuality. Due to the efforts of government and non-government organizations and women movements the status of women in society is considerably improving. Today most of the women are dynamic organizers and are effective in various fields.