VOL 4th Issue 4th , March 2016

A Study of Relationship of Perception of Organisational Climate and Role Efficacy of Teacher Educators

Author: Mrs. Neela Kamat & Dr. Hemlata Chari

In today's global world, education plays a significant role in development of any country. Educational institutions play a crucial role in developing dynamic, multifaceted, committed future generations, who are able to sustain the global competition. Competencies of teachers at all stages of education and especially those catering to adolescents are an important factor in fulfilling the responsibilities and handling the role as a teacher effectively. The quality of the training and education at pre-service stage is very vital and important and goes a long way in making a teacher capable of shouldering this responsibility.

Understanding Students' common errors or misconceptions

Author:Dr. Narendra D. Deshmukh

The researches of students' conceptions have become the mainstream after David Ausubel (1968) brought up the idea of 'how the preconception influences the learning of scientific knowledge'. According to Novak (1988), “the role of conceptions in constructing human knowledge has been enhanced in science education.

सन आयलाय शिमग्याचा

Author:डॉ. समृद्धी बाळासाहेब म्हात्रे

"असे कसे आम्ही वेगळे"

Author:डॉ. वीणा सानेकर


Author:Dr. Frances Vaidya