1 Depression Among Secondary School Students In Relation To Their Parental Involvement

Author: Dr. Ram Mehar

The present study was undertaken to comparative study of depression among senior secondary school students in relation to their parental involvement. The sample consists of 200 students of 9th class of from two private schools of Chandigarh were selected as a purposive and random sample. Data was collected by Beck Depression Inventory by Beck, Steer and Brown (1996) and Parents Child Interaction Scale by Ahuja and Sharma (2002) was used. The data obtained were analyzed statistically with the help of Mean, SD, t-ratio and correlation was used to arrive at the following conclusions: (i) There was no significant difference between boys and girls of depression. (ii) There was no significant difference between boys and girls of parental involvement. (iii) There was negative and significant relationship between depression and parental involvement of boys. (iv)There was negative and significant relationship between depression and parental involvement of girls. (v) There was negative and significant relationship between depression and parental involvement of total sample. Keywords: Depression, Secondary School Students, Parental Involvement

2 Effect of Think-Pair-Share Technique of Teaching on Achievement in English among Senior Secondary Students

Author:Shivamurthy M. S. & Dr. Asha KVD Kamath

The area of English Language Teaching is not like stagnant water. It is subject to change. Teaching of English has witnessed many changes over centuries. Even today there are many researches going on regarding effective methods to teach English. There are many methods to teach English. Studies have shown that Cooperative learning is one of the effective methods. It includes various techniques. Think-Pair-Share is one such technique. The present paper discusses the effect of Think-Pair-Share Technique of Teaching on Achievement in English among Senior Secondary Students. The objective of the study was to find out the effect of Think-Pair-Share on achievement of senior secondary students. The study found that Think-Pair-Share is an effective technique. There is significant difference between the students taught through Think-Pair-Share technique of teaching and the students taught through Traditional Method of Teaching. Key words:Cooperative Learning, Think-Pair-Share, Achievement in English.

3Enhancing Student-Teachers' Map Reading Skills Through Training Programme

Author: Mr. R. Vinodh Kumar & Dr. M. Vakkil

The study was designed as a single group experimental design aimed at studying the effectiveness of training programme in enhancing map reading skills of elementary level student-teachers. 32 student-teachers were selected as sample using purposive sampling technique. The self-developed test was used to assess the map reading skills of the student-teachers. The investigator also prepared a module to implement the training programme on map reading skills for the student-teachers. Both map reading skills test and module were validated by the subject experts. For the map reading skills test, the reliability was estimated. After developing the research tool and module, the training programme on map reading skills was imparted to the student-teachers using the prepared module. The map reading skills test was administered to the student-teachers at three different phases as pre-test, post-test and retention-test. The data were analysed using paired-samples 't' - test with the help of SPSS. The results indicated that the imparted training programme using the developed module was effective in improving map reading skills of the student-teachers.

4Functioning of Internal Quality Assurance Cells in NAAC Accredited Government and Non-Government Aided Colleges of Odisha

Author: Mr. Susanta Kumar Giri & Dr B. C. Das & Dr A. Dansana

Higher education is the apex level of education, which produces administrators, technicians, teachers, professors, engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists and other similar professionals to determine the progress of human society. Therefore quality assurance in higher education has been one of the major challenges in the development agenda not only in India but also all over the world.As per the guidelines of NAAC every accredited institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure. There are 520 UGC affiliated degree colleges in Odisha, out of which 192 colleges have valid NAAC accreditation status. Among the above NAAC accredited colleges 66 are government and rest are non-govt.-aided colleges. In these colleges IQACs are functioning to attain excellence in higher education. Therefore it is significant to explore how IQACs of government colleges are functioning in comparison to non-government-aided colleges.

5 Gender Wise Differences In Transformation Approach To Multicultural education For Global Citizenship As Perceived By Students At Different Levels Of Education

Author: Ms. Pavitra Shetty & Dr. Indu Garg

The world as it exists is full of diversity: diversity of race, religion, culture, gender, and caste.It is essential to strengthen cultural awareness among the future generation, as an unwillingness to accept the beliefs and opinions that differ from one's own leads to social issues like prejudicial behavior, religious intolerance, racism, classism, and violence.The goal of educationin school systems shouldnot only be to provide scholastic knowledge but develop reasoning, problem solving, and decision making abilities among the children; thereby making them contributing members of society. Introducing multicultural education in schools and classrooms through different approaches aids in creating mutual respect and tolerance among the students.

6 Historical Background And Socio-Economic Condition Of Ward No 58 Under Kolkata Municipality

Author: Kuhumita Bachhar

Ward no 58 is an underprivileged area of kolkata. Where the other part of kolkata is developing from every aspect like culture, literature, behavior, economic condition but this area remains the same. Considering this mysterious situation, small step has taken to search its reason from past and tried to present their recent socio-economic condition, and hope for their betterment. Key word: socio condition, economic condition

7 Income Tax Deduction Under Section 80C: A Differential Treatment

Author: Mr. Chetan Prabhakar Khandekar

Income tax is a direct tax payable by an individual or business on its income earned during a specific period. In India base of income tax assesses is narrow. Hardly 6% people are taxpayers. However the income shown and earned has a huge gap which cannot be filled even after strict regulations. Similarlly income tax law in india is very complicated as compared to other countries. Tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is legal. As a result, tax payers have keen interest in saving tax using legal way outs. Government has provided lot of deductions and exemptions for taxpayers. Such deductions are provided under various sections depending upon the type of person (assessee) Deductions under section 80C are available for individuals and Hindu Undivided Family(HUF) with certain limits.

8 A Comparative study of men and women on marital attitude and expectancy

Author: Pavithra Lakshmi Narashimhan & Dr.Ilakkiya Lakshmanan

Marital Attitude varies with Gender and has implications on the way an Individual conceptualize the marriage. This is a comparative study of men and women to find the relationship between positive and negatives attitudes embedded about marriage and the significant relationship and behavioural expectations thereon. The MAES is designed to measure intent to marry, general attitudes towards marriage and expectations involved from a marital relationships to ascertain the difference in these dimensions to differentiate between the samples. Key words: Gender differences, beliefs and Values

9 Modern Practices In Kerala Education

Author: Sebin K Punnoose

Kerala model is a famous development model. Education was one important component of this model. Kerala government gave importance to education in its policies and achieved remarkable progress. Now its policies are concentrated on improving technology and e content in the educational sector. It has institutional structures such as SIET. CDIT, IT@School. There are recent projects and initiatives which are meant to stimulate this progress such as General Education Protection Mission, Hi-Tech Programme and Samagra portal. It has made positive impacts in the educational sector of Kerala.

10 Open and Distance Education in India:A Half-journey within

Author: Dr. Bhaskar Chaudhary & Dr. Mamta Aswal

Education is one of the most powerful weapons to fight against various discriminations prevalent in today's world. For providing wider opportunities to most of the population, Open and Distance Education (ODE) has come up as a means. Distance education earlier named as correspondence education initially started in the Western countriesin the middle of the 19th century. India witnessed its presence almost after a century in the form of postal/correspondence education which was primarilylinked to the educational activities of commercial institutions. According to Chib (1977), in India, Bombay (now Mumbai) was the centre of International Correspondence Schools (ICS) and the British Institutes (BIET) for providing postal courses. These courses were in areas of engineering, management, architecture, interior decoration, etc. The creation or adoption of new technologies and their applications is evolutionary.

11 Professional Development of Secondary Mathematics Teachers in India and China: A Comparative Study

Author: Surapati Pramanik & Debjani Guha

The present study examined the major practices of the professional development of secondary mathematics teachers in India, China and presented a comparison. The methodology of the study is an interpretative and analytical study of documents. Promotion system and teaching research are the fundamental infrastructures developed by China to support secondary mathematics teachers' professional development. Teaching in China refers to a public enterprise. This study found that India lagged behind China in secondary mathematics teacher professional development. The study presented what could learn India from secondary mathematics teacher profession development system prevailing in China. Some recommendations were also provided. Key words: Professional development, Mathematics teacher, Professional ranking system, Secondary mathematics teacher, Teaching research system

12 Relationship Between Learning Outcomes And Parental Encouragement Of Adolescents

Author:Dr. (Mrs.) Gurdeep Kaur & Ms. Jasdeep Kaur

The topic of study is ralatiosnship between learning outcomes and parental encouragement of adolescents. The study was conducted on 200 adolescents studying in 12th class. The sample has been taken from different senior secondary schools of Fazilka district. Normative survey method was used in present study. Data were collected on parental encouragement scale by Sharma (2010). Academic achievement was the percentage of marks obtained by adolescents in 11th class. Non academic achievement scale a=was constructed and standardized by investigator itself. No significant relationship was found between academic achievement and parental encouragement and non academic achievement and parental encouragement. No significant difference was found in academic achievement of male and female adolescents. But there was significant difference in non academic achievement of male and female adolescents. there was no significant difference in non academic parental encouragement of male and female adolescents.

13Stop Loss in Mutual Fund investments: Maintaining the gains, Preventing the losses

Author: Mr. Chetan Prabhakar Khandekar

A mutual fund is a pool of money from numerous investors who wish to save or make money. Investing in a mutual fund can be a lot easier than buying and selling individual stocks and bonds on your own. Investors can sell their shares when they want. Mutual fund investments are chosen and monitored by qualified professional fund managers who use this money to create a portfolio, which consist of stocks, bonds, money market instruments or a combination of those.

14Availabilityof Resourcesat Primary Schools of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh

Author: Dr. Ravi Vanguri

Learning canoccurat any place, but acquisition of knowledge ona particular content subject may not be possible for learners themselves. For that learners need to be suppliedsuitable learning materials,congenial atmosphere in class and also to be taught and guided by specialized teacher. Most of the education commissions affirmed that education is meant for the all-round development of a child. The effective learning not only relies on intellectuality of learner, but it claimssupport of various resourcessuch as human, physical, and teaching- learning material, etc. It is also alleged that the merely appointment of teachers may not accomplish the prescribed and desirableobjectives for learner at specific-level.

15 “A Study of Senior Secondary School Teachers' Effectiveness Towards Teaching in Relation to Teachers' Attitude”

Author: Dr. Rajender Kumar

The main objective of the present study is to investigate the Study of Senior Secondary School Teachers' Effectiveness Towards Teaching in Relation to Teachers' Attitude. The study was conducted on a sample of 100 teachers of Sri Muktsar Sahib district was involved. Stratified random sampling has been used in the selection of teachers teaching effectiveness. Test by Teacher Effectiveness scale by Umme Kulsum (2000). Teacher Attitude Inventory (TAI) development by Dr. S.P. Ahluwalia (1978) were used for data collection.

16 "A study of job involvement of senior secondary school teachers in relation to their mental health"

Author:Dr. Rajesh Sharma

The main objective of the present study is to investigate the study of job involvement of senior secondary school teachers in relation to their mental health. The study was conducted on 150 teachers of senior secondary schools (males & females). Mental Health inventory developed by Dr. Jagdish and Dr. Srivastava. Job involvement scale developed by Prof. Santosh Dhar and Upinder Dhar were used for data collection. There is significant relationship between job involvement and mental health of senior secondary school teachers. There is no significant difference in job involvement of male and female senior secondary school teachers having poor mental health.

17 “Comparative Study of Scientific Attitude of ITI Students”

Author: Dr. Rekh Soni

The main objective of the present study is to investigate the Scientific Attitude of ITI Student. The study was conducted on a sample of 100 students with him is age range of 16-20 years from ITI College. Scientific : Attitudes scale by Shailja Bhagwat. Studies the Scientific Attitude of ITI Students. The results indicate Significant difference was found between male and female students of I.T.I. on level of scientific attitude. Significant difference was found between rural and urban students of I.T.I. on level of scientific attitude.

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