Research is education is prominent in our learning process. It develops the mindset and enhances analytical thinking skills. Today in our dynamic society, change is constant and to meet the needs of this changing times research has to be infused in our educational set arena. With this goal in mind Sanshodan Chetana was initiated in 2012 to provide a platform for the educationist in higher education from Indian community to share their research ideas, information and experience as well as ideas about the role of education in today's society. 

The main thrust of Sanshodan Chetana was to publish a quarterly journal  in English and Marathi language. Since the origin of this Journal is from Maharashtra and Marathi is the regional language of our State, it was imperative to help research scholars to publish their articles in Marathi. Many researchers often found this an hindrance in disseminationg their knowledge and research findings, but with the onset of Sanshodan Chetana,the scope has envisioned more researchers and educators to augment their research skills.

Research forms the main thrust in growth mindset, however it sometimes becomes an impediment in the avenues of sharing research articles. Sanshodan Chetana helps in widening the scope of research to a larger community and assists research scholars, PhD students, academicians, teachers, M.Phil students, Post doctoral students to publish their article in a UGC listed journal in Education. This gives the author/ researcher wider outreach of their work in a journal of high repute. 

Dr Sunita Magre

Chief Editor
Sanshodhan Chetana

RNI MAHBIL/ 2012/54586
ISSN 2319-5525

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