1 Attitude of Teachers Towards Educational Innovations

Author: Dr Anamika Lenka

DDThe world ‘innovation’, according to the Oxford Dictionary means the introduction of novelist, the alteration of what is established a novel practice and the change in established method. Generally, in the field of education to be creative is to create smoothing new, which markedly deviates from traditional practices which have been followed since a long time to impart education at different levels.

2 Effect Of Self-Study Materials on Learning Among Senior Secondary School Students

Author: Sushree Sarita Pradhan

The self-learning materials are designed based on learning theories, to a large extent on the basis of an eclectic approach combining behaviouristic, cognitive and constructivist learning theories. The self study materials are written in a way that does not require any intermediary or teacher to explain the content. These are prepared in such a way that the distance learners normally do not require additional materials to learn the concepts or subject matter.

3 Spiritual Education and Well Being

Author: Dr. Rekha Nariwal

In the age of knowledge explosion, the relevance of Herbert Spencer’s question” What Knowledge is of most worth” requires a thorough assessment. The world with the passage of time has become a boiling pot where human life is being sacrificed at the cost of material gains. As a result of this, foul play, unhealthy competition, violence, depression and unhappiness are breeding in the society.

4 स्वाग्रही वर्तनातून सकारात्मकतेचा विकास

Author: श्री किरण अशोक आबनावे

इतर लोक आपल्यासाठी काही करतील याची वात न पाहता आणि त्यांच्यामुळे आपल्या आतील शक्ती स्वत:वर नियंत्रण मिळवण्यासाठी साहाय करतील याचा विचार न करता स्वतसाठी उभे राहणे म्हणजेच स्वता:च्या मतांबद्दल ठाम राहण्यासाठी 'नाही ..............

5 विधीसंघर्षित बालकांच्या बाल निरीक्षगृहाचा आढावा एक अभ्यास

Author: दिपा दत्तात्रय नेवसे

१८ वर्षापेक्षा कमी वयांच्या मुलाकडून कायद्याच्या विरोधी वर्तन झाल्यास त्यांच्यासाठी विधीसंघर्षित हा शब्द वापरला जातो. या बालाकांना सुधारण्यासाठी बाल निरीक्षण गृह आहेत.

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